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Marketplace Improvement

Personalization Technology

Auspicious Analytics

Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse

Payment Clarifications

eCommerce/marketplace Growth

E commerce Agency :-The design, growth, and support of system eCommerce/marketplace clarifications that connect customers and retailers for seamless purchasing of goods and services.

  • System marketplace end-to-end improvement
  • Customization of off the rack solutions
  • User experience & design (UX/UI)
  • Expert team development services

Personalization Technology

Examine purchase history, management, and other relevant data of current and prospective clients to create personalized interactions through the use of ML/AI technologies.

  • Personalized support
  • Clients Segmentation
  • Pattern-based A/B analyses
  • Chatbots, partners, virtual suitable places (intelligent concierge/client support)

Ominous Analytics

Self-learning algorithms that prepare large quantities of data and use this data in future budgets and business insights.

  • Demand/sale forecast with machine learning
  • Data management & analytical insights
  • Effective price improvement & optimization
  • Production insights for sales plan optimization

Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse – ECommerce Platform

Systems to trace goods across the supply chain, choose the proper plans and transport, manage rates payments along with technologies that allow managing warehouse and record.

  • Warehouse Management Systems.
  • ERP & Inventory Management Solutions
  • Transportation & Fleet Management Systems
  • Route Optimization Systems

Payment Clarifications

Help with existing clarifications and construction of custom payment clarifications to support business processes.

  • Alliance with 3rd party payment providers
  • Anti-fraud clarifications based on AI/ML technology
  • 3DS systems, two-factor support, algorithms to optimize client validation method
  • System payment gateways

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