Nowadays everything is online. You can buy everything on the internet. There are websites for almost anything you can see in the market place, anything worth selling is there for you just with a click.

Do you know why brick and mortar store can’t cope up with the online market? Well, the word you are searching for is “Strategy”. It’s not the hard work but the smart work which decides who is going to be the winner in the world where people have more work to do than to scratch their heads in a shopping mall or a retail store.

This human tendency to go for an easy route drives the market. Earlier there were limited choices, but the advent to technology taught us to multiply our profits by dividing our work. And that’s where we come into play. 

How do things work with us?

Well, we are no philosophers stone which is going to turn any rock to gold. But we are the one who knows how to differentiate between any ordinary metal and gold.

The market is the best teacher and we know how to master the master. Here at ROI hunt, we direct your investments to those uncharted territories where the actual demand lies.

In today’s world of internet, we narrow down your products to potential customers.

The term “Strategy” comes into play when we direct your products to those customers who are looking for it, not to some vague online space where the chances are 40% or 60%. We work on those strategies which will land your products to those sections of the market where the chances are more than 95% and this subsequently translates to skyrocketing sales.

And when it comes to the sale we pull customers from every possible platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Google…you name it and you will find your products slaying the market, changing the dynamics of your sales.

Why are we any different?

There is a pool of digital marketers in India. There are genuine ones and a plethora of fake marketers. But we are considering only those who are genuine players in the market who transform words into action.

So you must be looking for something substantial. Well, let’s give you the sales figure for one of our clients.

Before joining us the online sale figure was stagnated at an abysmally low at Rs200000 and then we stepped in, revamped their online marketing strategies, directed the product flow to those customers who were intending to buy and voila!

The online sale figures soared to a staggering Rs 6.1 M. If we do a comparative analysis then its gigantic leap of almost 26.3 times.

The extent of efficacy can be assessed from the fact that the monetary investments were at Rs8,94,155 and the ROAS(return on ad spend) was at whooping 5.9.

Now that’s something which defines the ROI style of market analysis and project execution.

We don’t do different things, we do things differently.

We proved our capabilities by showing you a substantial part of our strategy. But still, a pertinent thing which pops up in every businessman’s mind is “Is it going to work for my business too?”.

Now we will demonstrate to you how it is going to work for every business out there. Marketing techniques are mainly driven by a core strategy, which act as a panacea for every blockade.

We follow a three-pronged strategy-

1. Who is your customer– This is the core of any digital marketing agency and the way they pursue this issue makes them different from the rest of the pack. We believe in targeted marketing by doing extensive market research.

We do extensive research for the suitability of your product on different grounds e.g, the customers who are looking for your product, the customers purchasing behaviour, the localities where the chances of selling your product are maximum and a plethora of other dynamics.

2. Where can you find them- The very reason digital marketing has trumped the other marketing techniques is its ability to go for those customers who are up for buying your products. Now that’s something which translates investment in marketing to return in the sale.

A. How to make them buy- Why departmental stores performed better than conventional retail stores? Why malls performed better than departmental stores? The essence lies in the range which the subsequent sales models had to offer.

The number of the product you offer, the number of times you make them see the same product, the probability of scaling up your sales automatically rises. And we at ROI hunt have a knack to crack this puzzle and that’s something which makes us different.

There are always reasons to scale up your hard work and the onus always lies on your end. A step at this point will earn dividends for a lifetime. Now is the time to walk that extra mile and see your efforts scaling the zenith of the online market place.


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