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ROI Hunt Helps New Clothing Brand Increase Revenue to Rs. 33 Lakhs in 4 Months
A newly launched clothing brand approached ROI Hunt, a digital marketing agency, with the goal of increasing their revenue. The brand had a limited budget and a small customer base, and they were struggling to gain traction in a highly competitive market. To help the brand gain initial traction, ROI Hunt implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy that included Facebook ads, Google ads and search engine optimization (SEO).

Facbook Ads
ROI Hunt created targeted ad campaigns on Facebook to reach potential customers and build brand awareness. These ads were tailored to the brand’s target audience and promoted the brand’s products and services.

Google ads: ROI Hunt used Google Ads to target potential customers and drive website traffic. By utilizing the power of Google’s search algorithms, ROI Hunt was able to reach a wide audience and increase visibility for the brand.

ROI Hunt optimized the brand’s website for search engines to improve its visibility and drive organic traffic. This included optimizing the website’s content and meta tags, building backlinks, and ensuring the website was mobile-friendly. By improving the website’s search engine ranking, ROI Hunt helped the brand appear higher in search engine results pages, making it more likely for potential customers to find the brand.

As a result of our initial efforts, we were able to achieve sales of Rs. 19.4 Lakhs within the first five months
Next challenge: But after generating this number of sales, our next focus was to increase the sales further but more importantly the conversion rate and the AOV
Strategies we used to increase the conversion rate of the website:

1. Optimized website design: We ensured that the brand’s website had a clean and user-friendly design, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the products they were looking for. This improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

2. Product photography and videography: We invested in high-quality product photography and videography to showcase the brand’s clothing in the best possible light. This helped to increase the perceived value of the products and enticed customers to make a purchase.

3. Personalized product recommendations: We implemented a personalized product recommendation system on the website, which suggests products to customers based on their browsing history and purchase history. This helped to increase the chances of customers finding products that they were interested in, which in turn increased the conversion rate.

4. Abandoned cart email campaigns: We set up abandoned cart email campaigns to remind customers of items left in their cart and to encourage them to complete the purchase. This helped to recover lost sales and increase the conversion rate.

5. Exit-intent pop-ups: We used exit-intent pop-ups on the website to capture the attention of customers who were about to leave the website without making a purchase. These pop-ups offered special deals or discounts to entice customers to complete a purchase.

6. A/B Testing: We conducted A/B testing on various elements of the website such as the call-to-action button, the placement of the add-to-cart button, etc. to identify the best-performing versions and make data-driven decisions. This helped us to optimize the website for conversions and increase the conversion rate.

Strategies we used to increase the Average Order value of the website:

1. Cross-selling and upselling: We implemented cross-selling and upselling strategies to encourage customers to purchase additional items or upgrade to higher-priced products. This helped to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) by encouraging customers to spend more per transaction.

2. Bundle deals and promotions: We created bundle deals and promotions that offered a discount on multiple items purchased together. We also specifically targetted warm customers mostly for this as they were likely to spend more.

3. Premium product line launch: We helped the brand to launch a premium product line, which offered higher-priced, high-quality products. This helped to increase the AOV by encouraging customers to purchase more expensive items.

After the conversion rate and AOV was aligned and increasing, we doubled down on our creative strategy to drive more relevant traffic to the website, some of the strategies we used are:

1. Visual storytelling: We used visual storytelling in our creatives and ads to showcase the brand’s clothing in an engaging and relatable way. This helped to create an emotional connection with the target audience and entice them to make a purchase.

2. Use of Influencers: We collaborated with popular influencers in the fashion industry to showcase the brand’s clothing on their social media platforms. This helped to increase brand awareness and credibility, as well as reach a wider audience.

3. User-generated content: We encouraged customers to share their own experiences with the brand’s clothing on social media, and repurpose that content in our ad campaigns. This helped to increase credibility and trust in the brand, and also create a sense of community and belonging among customers.

4. Interactive elements: We included interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and contests in our ads to increase engagement and encourage potential customers to take action, such as visiting the website or making a purchase.

5. Mobile optimization: We optimized all of our creatives and ads for mobile devices to ensure that they looked great and performed well on small screens. This helped to increase the chances of customers engaging with our ads and taking action.

6. Dynamic Ads: We used dynamic ads to retarget customers who had previously visited the website and shown an interest in certain products. This helped to increase the chances of these customers completing a purchase.

7. A/B Testing: We conducted A/B testing on various elements of our creatives and ads, such as the headline, image, and call-to-action, to identify the best-performing versions and make data-driven decisions. This helped to optimize our creatives and ads for conversions and increase their effectiveness.

As a result of our comprehensive approach and a continuous process of experimentation, we were able to drive significant growth for the brand, resulting in a revenue increase of Rs. 33 Lakhs within the next four months.
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