Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

Client Introduction

A designer fashion Apparel brand facing dip in their sales gave us the responsibility as they ventured into the journey of digital marketing.

Our client is an Indian Designer that crafts the most exquisite apparels for celebrities. With the expertise of 20 years in fashion designing, their rare pieces and knowledge for designing have been passed down to weave unique heirlooms.


The Challenge

The client’s budget was humongous on online advertising, mostly Facebook and Google, to drive traffic to their E-commerce website and generate sales. Even after doing the essentials, they couldn’t witness any significant outcome.

Our Strategy

There were discrepancies like inconsistent CTA, missing links, incorrect product descriptions etc.

We then did an inspection into their catalogue and Google Analytics.

Our results reflected the following analysis:

  1. Our client have an extensive portfolio of products catering to several different segments ranging mostly as designer ethnic mostly bridal. The primary target group was Women between the ages of 22-44, with most of the users being family focused value seekers with an interest in lifestyle categories.

We began with a profound analysis of their product catalogue. All the details were careful understood at a macro level. Our next step was to inspect the target audience and their behaviour by factors like demographic, product need, price, customer satisfaction etc. 

We went further probing into the mobile vs. desktop behaviour, with this probe it concluded the following:

The mobile experience of our designer client. Though majority of the traffic was mobile driven.

 Bounce rates remained high with low conversion rates on mobile. However, view per page pages were very high.

 The time spent per session was more on desktop than mobile. On desktop, 21% customers were abandoning the website without even viewing a single product.

On mobile, 88% people were viewing the products but less than 1% were finally transacting.

Thus, it was very clear that the internal site search was able to assist users and help them buy. We had to now improve the visibility of site search and try and ensure more and more users use that for their purchase.


More revenue was generated by repeat users than new users.

Our next step of the conversion strategy was inspecting the cities which gave maximum traffic. After this research we found the following data for the last 6 months:

Mumbai and Delhi had the highest conversion rates as compared to other cities. This is because the client was well established and people trusted their brand in these cities.

Hence, this is how we decided our major area of focus for conversion. We need to target our ads in these cities.

This gave us a starting point for our CRO process.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process

After the above analysis, we were sure of one thing that we had to improve the mobile experience since most of the users were using a mobile device to access the site.

So we began with the pages where the bounce rate was maximum and was getting the desired amount of traffic.

We did a user experience (UX) audit on those pages using various mobile devices and inspected the entire purchase funnel right till order placement. After this profound analysis, we recorded several issues that the end-user would be facing while shopping on the site.

These reported issues were largely related to :

  1. Navigation links
  2. Site search
  3. Product page layout
  4. Offers popup
  5. Multi-lingual content pages
  6. Checkout

We reported 20 mobile issues and 9 desktop issues in total to the client which were further fixed by the client’s tech team. We were connected to their team constantly in order to fix the issues. 

With the majority of users leaving the site without shopping were new users, it was an immediate need to increase their engagement level. Thus, the following changes were communicated to the client:

  1. Add descriptions and images to the bestselling outfits
  2. Add a ‘Contact Us’ page to increase consumer trust
  3. Improved website layout
  4. Decrease load time of the pages with the great value, such as checkout
  5. Make the CTA uniform across the website

We further advised the client to focus on new customer acquisition and invest in Ecommerce SEO to increase the organic traffic and revenue.

We further did A/B tests of the product page layout and site search to measure the overall impact of our executions.

Final Output

Within one month of executing the recommended changes, we achieved the following results for the client:

-51% increase in Conversion Rate
-12% increase in Overall Revenue