LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals and job seekers. Sure, millions of experts use LinkedIn every day to grow their networks and their works, but did you know you can use LinkedIn to grow your business, too? From making connections to generating leads, building communities, and building better brand recognition, LinkedIn makes a valuable supplement to your digital marketing plan.

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At its essence, LinkedIn is a professional social channel. It’s all about job growth, professional associations, industry conferences, and other types of business-related projects. It’s not like other social media marketing programs, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; there, companies have direct entrances to customers that they can easily sell to with status updates, images, and other random posts.

Moreover, unlike LinkedIn, brand followers on these other social networks already require or are at least aware that businesses use the programs to sell their products and services. This is not the case on LinkedIn, where blatantly pushing your company, spamming, and obvious hard business is highly lowered upon. Because the network consists of different audiences, LinkedIn marketing requires a different type of way to get the outcomes you want.

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Does LinkedIn still matter for marketing my business?

As the leading LinkedIn Marketing Agency in India, with diverse global expertise, we can boldly say that with approximately two new members joining every second and each spending about 15 minutes monthly, LinkedIn is simply the most professional social networking program available to brands and marketers today.

This brings an unbelievable chance for your company to expand and increase revenue by presenting the right content to the right set of target public at the right time. Simply put, if you are a company selling your solution to other companies, or if you are a working professional offering your talent and skills to other partners and companies in the industry, then you MUST have a well-established and strategically-thought-out appearance on LinkedIn.

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Your proposed clients enjoy the fact that you maintain an up-to-date profile and page on this single biggest B2B social media platform. As the LinkedIn marketing specialists in India, we are here to help you build a strong business profile for your brand on LinkedIn and draw new clients daily.

How will you address my LinkedIn marketing and advertising campaign?

The first cavity stop for success on LinkedIn is to guarantee that your company has a completely optimized profile as well as the company page on LinkedIn. That’s because this is where your clients would connect with your brand before coming to your website or calling on your company line. At ROI Hunt, our team of skillful LinkedIn Marketing professionals in India would help you build a customized marketing page with user-centric design.

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The LinkedIn marketing team also guarantees that your company information is up to date and highlights all your background experience and key accomplishments in your niche. We help you showcase your best product and service responsibility on your LinkedIn company page. And we don’t just stop there! We will help you grow your legal and first-hand advice about your company and your contributions.

Once your page has been designed and optimized, we will help you come up with unique and remarkably appealing content for your company through a LinkedIn marketing calendar shared with you every month. This helps in increasing your company awareness and also maintaining long-term relationships with your existing clients and partners alike. We come up with a large organic LinkedIn marketing campaign plan for your business.

Our team of proficient LinkedIn experts in India will address different high-authority groups in your business and share your marketing content there. They would also guarantee that your company gets maximum engagement through the intentness into these niche-centric groups. We will also walk you through the entire process of sourcing the leads on this network and building an excellent professional connection. Extremely Targeted LinkedIn Advertising Services in India.

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How is advertising on LinkedIn different?

At ROI Hunt, a leading LinkedIn advertising company in India, we help you switch your targeted leads into regular paying clients with appropriate ad content. Through LinkedIn’s sponsored updates and campaigns, we help bring your content right in front of those who matter the most, and at the time they are ready to join with your company. Through precisely-focused and creatively-designed display ads, we will help your brand stay on your planned customers’ thoughts at all times. Our LinkedIn Sponsored InMail specialists will help you achieve the content highly relevant to your clients, right in their email inboxes.

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The most enjoyable part about working your advertisements on LinkedIn is that you are in total charge of how much you want to spend, on whom, and when. The high-quality text ads designed by our company of LinkedIn advertising experts help you reach your clients anywhere and at any time. Want to learn more about how LinkedIn selling and advertising can help your company? Schedule a FREE consultation call with one of our LinkedIn marketing specialists today.

How Our LinkedIn Marketing Service Works

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

You won’t see outcomes from your social media campaign if you don’t have a well-devised strategy in place. We assess the current social media scene and content offers for your area and then determine where there are possibilities. Finally, we work with you to decide which customer personas we should focus on using LinkedIn and work a plan that targets decision-makers.

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LinkedIn has a type of advertising opportunity possible, but we focus our energies on those that are most powerful—Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content. Using LinkedIn’s effective targeting skills, we set up ad campaigns that get you in front of potential clients with an accuracy that cannot be found in any other B2B channel. Our professional company gets as good as possible when it comes to choosing which corporation demographics and LinkedIn groups to aim. We then use these campaigns to improve blog support, ebooks, designs, and other suggestions. We also build customized, active landing pages to create leads for asset downloads and other proposals.

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Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn enables you to send personalized email messages to your objective public via Sponsored InMail. sponsored Mail is a vast way to boost signups for an upcoming webinar/event or develop content assets to candidates. What makes Sponsored InMail more powerful than an email draft is that it will be sent only to candidates active on LinkedIn thus improving the click-through rates and driving progress. Our content marketing team works on interesting emails that catch the consideration of candidates via unique subject lines, thought control content, and short performance across all media.

Content Creation

LinkedIn has grown significantly as a content program and will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. We work with you in all fields of content creation, including knowing topics based on current business trends, writing and publishing the content, and writing it for you. We also build LinkedIn reports as well as long-form content that can be used for presentations that you share across the web.

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Combined Analytics

We combine LinkedIn marketing with your other marketing programs, as well as Google Analytics, to provide you with deeper penetration into your visitor performance. Each month we provide a comprehensive article that includes our ideas as to what worked, what didn’t, and what important changes we need to make for next month’s campaign.


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