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How we helped a jewelry company grow 6-7 times the sales per month!

So today we are talking about our client which is a jewelry company which sells jewelries and was really struggling to scale up their sales from a certain limit. Let’s talk how we helped them scale up their sales and product market significantly through our strategic marketing. Last month we brought them a sales of INR 53 lakhs.

Niche: Jewelry

Before us they tried their luck with few other agencies since their venture really needed scaling which they were not able to achieve. Their jewelry company was making sales but not as much as the client wanted themselves to make. The different agencies they tried before us did increase the sales but not so much significantly. This much sales wasn’t enough, they were hungry for more. Afterall hunger is important to grow.

All the agencies provided him with INR 7-8 Lakhs of sales against a very high expenditure per month. The client so changed the agencies and soon stumbled upon our company. We assured them to help them and showed them our previous achievements and how we have helped many companies in jewelry industry to scale up their sales.

They agreed with our views and strategies and thought to give us a try, whish probably was a good decesion as of what our client says. We went on taking a look at their previous growth curve and how they were stuck at some sales from last few month. Our team together sat, analysed and found reasons for this growth stop. We figured strategies for next one month and were all set to implement it.

We were ready to start this exciting journey and all packed up we set out to take our clients to the height they wanted to be. Soon the hardwork was paying more money had to be invested but 5 times revenue was generated with that investment. The client trusted us and left us to take care of the marketing part.

Soon a month passed and the final report for the month was out and total money spent was INR 8 Lakhs but the revenue or sales generated for the month was  INR 50 Lakhs + . We were happy to see our clients happy. We are here to serve our clients with all the efforts we can put.

Ascending up in the air to heights the client could now see where the company was standing a month later. But all this time to required hardwork and we provided that to the client. Our creative and sincere team soon made the client happy and reach the goals we showed him that is the goal to reach 5 Lakhs  slaes.


The client felt lucky to have found us and to trust us. The time they invested was the real raw material to reach this product. We are happy for what we did and are doing. We love what we do and our clients love what we do as much as us.

Here at ROI hunt, we direct your investments to those uncharted territories where the actual demand lies. In today’s world of internet, we narrow down your products to potential customers. Finalizing new corporate ideas, game-plans and strategies for a firm. We provide you with-

  • An array of business formulation strategies
  • Revenue generation and user engagement plans
  • Charting company growth via new metrics
  • Establishing a strong foothold in the industry

So if you are struggling with sales and have been tired of not seeing any results even after investing time and money, then come contact ROI Hunt. We are here 24×7 to help you reach the dreams you’ve dreamed of. Our hand is out you can always join us to take your sales skyhigh. We together will reach were you want to. Good wishes from ROI Hunt team.