Our target was to generate sales for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the target was atleast 10 Lakhs in these 3 days.

Our Offer was : 40% Flat Discount (We had created a separate section on our website by the name of Black Friday and then Cyber Monday) Initial setup: We started 10 days prior to the black Friday.

Our plan was to create a buzz around our prospects and our existing customers that we arebringing Black Friday sales.We created a separate landing page,

it was actually a squeeze page where we were asking for the details of our prospects in return of extra 10% discount (except 40%) code on Black Friday. This way, we would have a list of prospects that we knew are highly interested in the sale.

We also changed the banners of the website for Black Friday vibe.Now comes the ads…
We asked the creative team to make 3 sets of graphics with Black Friday vibe: First was the best sellers. (15-20 images both feed and story dimensions) The second was Gifs which were showing different styles And third, was normal feed and story ads with Black Friday written over them and the offer.

By the 28th of November, we had 1563 leads, the prospects who opted in for a 10% Discount. Facebook Ads Set up for Black Friday (And Cyber Monday) We made 4 campaigns for Black Friday(same audiences were used for Cyber Monday):

1. The first campaign was designed to show ads on Facebook and Instagram Feed placement only.

In this campaign, we had both cold and warm audience ad sets. The warm audience included: Add to Carts done on a frequency basis.

Add to Cart done of time basis Page Engagers Website visitors Leads collected from the squeeze page People who have purchased in the last 180 days

The cold audience included:
Lookalikes of Purchasers Lookalikes of people who have ATCs twice Lookalikes of people spending 25%, 50% time on the website Lookalikes of leads collected

2. The second campaign had the same audience but the placement was Facebook and Instagram stories only.

3. The 3rd campaign also had the same audience but the only difference here was the creatives.

The creatives only had “Black Friday Flash Sale” written over it which leads the user to the offer page of the website.

4. The fourth campaign was a catalog ad. I wanted every visitor to be retargeted so I made a catalog campaign where everybody was being retargeted who has done ATC & Viewed the website page.

Now the total amount spent on the campaigns was Rs. 206437.39 And the total sales generated was Rs. 1682407.90


Here is the ads manager dashboard of our Sale

As you can see, the ROAS is 4.44 but all the sales that should be attributed to FB don’t get attributed and we also did Email marketing to the prospects who opted in for a 10% Discount so Facebook doesn’t attribute that too.

The best performing campaign was the one where we had selected feed only placement. On the first day only, we turned off 3 ad sets and duplicated campaigns which were giving good results.

So, this is how we specialize intensively and comprehensively to focus on improving our clients’ sales and generating more of it if they are already doing good.


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