Not long back we got a new client, and they were very clear about their goals and what they wanted. But they were not sure how to achieve it and get the things done.

They talked to us about it. Read the story below to know how we helped them to reach where they were trying to reach.

Niche: Fashion Apparel

The client was in fashion industry and we all know how tough the competition is in fashion industry, there are already so many stars in this field, and you ought to shine really bright to get noticed. This is what other agencies could not help our client achieve previously.

The previous agency managed the marketing of the client really poor, as we saw from their website, which was not at all appealing or good enough. Other strategies were bad too. The client discussed their problems with us.

The client who wasn’t able to sell their products wanted us to accelerate their sales and help it go higher.

So we took the product & studied it for few days, then run our brains, and figured out some strategies and started working towards their sales.

We discussed with the client all the strategies our team developed for their products. And they seemed to be impressed and gave a green signal to go full throttle.

First of all we improved the website and made it more informative and appealing, made AI chatbots added to it and got their UI made more easy and comfortable for the users.

We increased the quantity and quality of their ads, Facebook, Pinterest and other ads too. Also applied right marketing strategies like cold outreach etc.

In our new approach we started telling our audience the benefits and importance of appropriate fashion and Its effect on our social life.

We started telling them how important it was to get right quality and right clothes and how it’s different for each person. Through different social media platforms, and posts we started spreading these awareness.

And through these stories we were telling its importance and in this way we built an audience who would be interested in their product. Through various images and videos we were selling an idea and not a product directly.

Well guess what people were easily buying this idea and then we introduced our product to them and this increased a decent number of sales and gave us some good results.

The sales were slowly increasing and brand was getting it’s recognition. Things were done right and what was left is to keep continuing this work consistently.

So we didn’t cool down, and relaxed but rather worked harder and put more efforts and hours to keep the acceleration going.

The conversion rate was increasing drastically. Let’s discuss in numbers what happened at the end and why our clients were so happy with the results.

So the sales we got while working with this client was around 1.8 MILLION DOLLAR which was distributed throughout different types of advertisements and to be specific;
The highest of all, 5.5 Crores was from the giant social media, Facebook that is through Facebook Ads.


Result Facebook Advertising On Facebook

Amount Spent On Facebook Ad – INR 85 Lacs / in USD$ 121428

Sales From Facebook Ad – INR 5.3 Crore / in USD $ 768261

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) : 6.30 Again 3 crores was from Google Ads and rest from other SEOs and advertisements.Wasn’t all this so outstanding? The client was loving our creative strategies.

Things are still in process and graphs are still rising constantly.

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