There was a new store opening in Bandra for the restaurant.
  • The marketing idea is to do a big giveaway wherein we were providing Free family lunch
  • Now there were several benefits of doing this giveaway: getting leads (prospects data of Bandra as we didn’t have anything), Publicity (the person who wins will come with his family and we will promote their experience on the internet in nearby locations….. And since we will generate so much data, we will be able to use it for remarketing and sending offers via text messages and Emails)
  • The whole idea of the giveaway was that it should be big enough if we want to make it successful.
  • As you can see, after we ran the campaign for just 2 weeks, we got an overwhelming response (Generated 5052 leads at an average cost of Rs. 2.65 per lead for a restaurant opening)
  • We announced and invited the winner, but with that, we gave other participants a 20% discount code via text so that they should be also motivated to visit the restaurant.
  • There was another reason to visit the restaurant – we had booked a local influencer to perform and heavily promoted his invitation in nearby areas.
  • The result – the restaurant was houseful, the giveaway was fulfilled and it was indeed a grand opening.

In digital marketing, the biggest asset of any company is its database. Database size of a Digital marketing agency is directly proportional to the possible result they are going to give. There are several instances where we end up investing a lot but don’t get satisfactory results. Why does this happen? Is it your product which is at fault? No, a big no, if your product had any defect you wouldn’t be up for a marketing strategy. It’s the management of your product distribution which call the shots.


How a company’s database can quadruple or quintuple the output?

Well, In the contemporary world the flow of data and the management of data are the biggest hurdles and the greatest opportunity. Let’s focus on data flow first, the data flow is ensured by the digital marketers by adhering to a well crafted and properly implemented strategies. It’s the slew of steps which helps to ensure the data flow into your system and that in turn augments the output of your firm. We will substantiate that with relevant examples in the latter part of the article.

Now comes the management of data. Data is the oil of the 21st century. And its the data management which is a crucial part of digital marketing operations. The amount of data stored is gigantic and if properly utilised it has the potential to boost your business a quadruple time. Now is the time to substantiate our claims.

How do we get results?

There are multiple factors at play and there is no magic wand which yields results. One of our clients had opened a restaurant at Bandra in Mumbai and we were tasked to augment the customer base and give substantial turnaround in the business. Our marketing strategy was pivoted around the central human tendency to get inclined to free things. We offered free lunch to families. So how does giving free lunch can enhance your reach?

Let’s break it down for you-

  1. Getting leads- As we were unaware of Bandra’s market we took the first step to ensure the flow of data. The data flow helped us analyse our potential clients and how the data should be processed to filter out the data of our use.
  2.  Publicity- Now comes the data management part which includes marketing the available data to publicise the product to a much greater pool of customers via emails, texts and other social media platforms. And on top of it, the winners themselves will share their free lunch and this too will help enhance your customer base.

So what was the rationale behind the giveaway? To make it big. The bigger the giveaway better are the oddsin favour of your business. If you want to propel the business the first boost is poised to be a huge one.

If we prove the above-stated facts numerically it will make more sense. So if we see the stats it shows that a mere two weeks campaign yielded outstanding results and we were able to generate 5052 leads at an average cost of Rs. 2.65 per lead for a restaurant opening. Now, this is something which substantiates the whole process and the result we get after strategising the data in the best possible way

Did we stop just at giving free giveaways? No, we didn’t and we took it a notch higher by enhancing the extent of discounts to all the participants. We gave a 20% discount to all the participant in the giveaway contest. That’s how we extracted the last bit of data to augment the visitors in the restaurant.

The icing on the cake was the presence of a local influencer, whom we called at the opening and that did make the opening a grand one. We used the data at our disposal to do a heavy promotion of the influencer who visited the restaurant at the opening.

So if we see the whole process, we can comfortably say its the data and its management which makes you a winner. Now is the time to delve in the ocean of data and use it to materialise your hard work.

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