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How we helped a footwear brand grow from 0 sales to 10 million sales in 7 months!

So today we are talking about our client which is actually a well known footwear brand and was really struggling to get decent sales when we first met our clients. This is story how we brought back his faith on online platform and how we proved him that some marketing agencies do help you significantly. Last month they are generated almost 10 million sales.

Niche: Footwear

7 months back our client, the owner of the brand, had tried so many different marketing agencies. Changed many of them in a hope that someone will help him this time to raise his sales significantly. But none of them performed like he wanted, they generated about INR 3 Lakhs revenue monthly on an expenditure of INR 2 Lakhs monthly. This much sales wasn’t enough.

As none of the agencies were working for him he totally lost faith from the agencies. His morale got so down that now he didn’t even trust online platform. He started thinking internet doesn’t work as it is said to and offline is much better.

But just as he was about to lose all the hope and leave the internet, we met him. We understood how he lost his faith for online marketing. And he lost so much faith that now he didn’t even wanted to trust us and thought we too will waste his time and money like everyone else. So he wasn’t ready to invest anything on us.

Looking at this we convinced him with a 2 weeks free trial as we knew we had the potential to gain back his faith and show him that not everyone is same. The trial started and our team went full throttle to help the client get his sales as soon as possible because we just had 2 weeks to prove him that we are worthy.Our team worked day and night to get the client his results. For next two weeks we were fully engaged with the client’s work did our best to accelerate the sales high.

After two weeks we had results in our hands, and we are excited to tell you like we were to tell the client at that time that we doubled the sales of the brand just within two weeks. After spending so many money and months on other agencies finally our client found the right agency which didn’t just talked about themselves but showed the results. We showed him and he was shocked as well as happy to see that he generating INR 8 Lakhs sales by spending just 2 Lakhs. He finally agreed to hire us for the work. We had a long journey thereafter.

Now it was time for real work and get our client some really good sales. We co-ordinated with all our teams, made a strategy for the client. The plan was ready and approved by the client and we were ready to start the actual journey to reach INR 10 million sales. We started working day and night on the plan and pushing the sales graph higher higher slowly. Soon the sales had attained a good acceleration and though it was difficult at first but later it got smooth. The work was done right and the results were coming better than we expected. Slowly months was passing and with the months the sales of our client was increasing. Slow and steaily things were going right and the sales graph was rising like a plane on the runway. Ascending up in the air to heights never imagined before by the client. The client could now see where the company was standing few months later. But all this time to required hardwork and we provided that to the client. Our creative and sincere team soon made the client happy and reach the goals we showed him that is the goal to reach 10 Million slaes.

The client felt lucky to have found us and to trust us for those 2 weeks because that trust and time invested was the real raw material to reach this product. We are happy for what we did and are doing. We love what we do and our clients love what we do as much as us.

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