Though Facebook advertising agencies in India have the potential to help you significantly increase clarity, drive sales, and grow your company online, getting the most out of your Facebook ads cost spend requires experience and knowledge with the Facebook ads platform. It is not just a “make it and ignore it” type of advertising. A successful Facebook advertising agency for small businesses requires a solid plan and testing to find just the right mixture of targeting, content, artistic design, and resources to reach and maintain your perfect clients.

That’s why it makes sense to partner with a Facebook agency partner who knows the ins and outs of a Facebook advertising agency and has a record of helping companies drive decisions on the social media program. Our professional Facebook marketing help can climb up quickly and put you in the high-growth zone.

As a Facebook advertising agency, ROI Hunt has a talented team of social media experts and creative designers who know what it takes to produce and execute effective Facebook ad operations for e-commerce, and Tech companies.

Based on your company’s unique goals, the ROI Hunt team will pick the best ad forms for your company and design branded ads with compelling copy that interests your perfect buyers. Through specific conversation targeting, we make sure that your ads are being served to those who are most likely to be interested in your products. We will also watch success and test various ad components to optimize production and manage growth.

How Our Facebook Advertising Agency Services Work

Facebook Ads Audience Targeting

No matter how great your ad content is, it won’t be sufficient unless your ads are located in front of the right readers. If you are not using Facebook’s ad targeting features to reach your ideal readers, then you are most likely losing your company’s time and money on getting clicks from customers who are not likely to be a good fit for your brand. Facebook advertising agency helps you reach the customers who are most likely to be interested in your company’s product or service present by allowing you to select ad audiences based on information about your ideal clients, which can include details like demographics, interests, and actions.

Facebook Ad Design

Facebook Advertising Agency offers a diversity of options to help you tell your brand story through different Facebook ad formats. Whether you want to use a photo, video, slideshow, carousel, or collection of pictures, your business can choose the best format to showcase your brand and convey your information in a way that makes an impression on your target viewers.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Though a photo may be worth 1,000 words, your brand still needs to produce a winning ad copy that can help your target audience better know your brand story and what your business has to offer. Your advance to Facebook ad copy will depend on what your ad campaign goals are and where your target customers are in the buyer’s journey. If your goal is to build brand recognition, you may focus more on client requests and brand value. Whereas if your goal is to boost sales, then your ad copy may very well be centered on the features or benefits of your company’s products or services.

Facebook Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the greatest ways to discover how to make changes to your Facebook advertising campaign to improve production. Though A/B testing can help you make more intelligent decisions about your Facebook advertising plan, you need to have knowledge and experience with Facebook ad campaigns and landing page design to efficiently receive A/B tests, explain your results, and make data-driven choices about your Facebook ad campaign plan.

At ROI Hunt, we like data! That’s why we go the extra distance to strategically increase Facebook ad and landing page A/B tests and make different A/B variants to decide whether our clients are getting the best possible results. After choosing which variables to test, our ROI Hunt team will run several A/B tests for your Facebook ads and landing page variants to determine how each variable works.

Facebook Ad Analytics and Optimization

The only way to decide if you are getting a profit on your property in Facebook advertising is to follow the effects of your campaigns over time and analyze these decisions based on your key production indicators (KPIs).

Not only can measure help you understand if you are meeting your goals and getting a high ROI, but it can also help notify your future Facebook ad plan. By deciding which campaigns were most successful, you can start to learn what types of ads and ad components are most active with your target audience. This knowledge helps you make positive adjustments to your Facebook campaign plan.

5 smart tips for running a Facebook advertising agency

Analysis with audience targeting

Start with a small audience and then increase it slowly by joining one interest section at a time. For example, you could start with viewers particularly interested in “Napa Valley wine tours” and then increase it after a few weeks.

You could begin by combining “wine tasting,” then “food and wine,” and so on. That way, you’ll have a good idea of how to increase your target viewers’ changes in your outcomes.

Facebook use on mobile

Use the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of the system that can have a big influence on your Facebook ad campaign. Once you place the code on your website, it allows you to track progress, remarket to people who have seen a product on your website.

Use top-notch photos and video

Do you know what’s a turnoff? Blurry photos. Or pixelated photos. Or afraid videos that make you feel sick. Your words are necessary, sure, but your visuals are what will first grab viewers’ awareness and create the best result.

Test everything

It’s important not to make theories about what will work and what won’t in your Facebook ads. Every time you try something new, you should test it against your past ads so you can see whether you’re making changes to the metrics that matter most to you.

Track and optimize performance

Closely observe how your campaigns work in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. If a campaign isn’t doing well, put your money into an ad that is preferable.


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