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Tidio Chat

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With the advent of information and communication technology, things have simplified and now even complex tasks can be accomplished in a snap of a finger.

Chat-box technology is a perfect example of advancement in this field.

Though earlier there were limitations to its recent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (commonly called as AI) has made it possible to give it a human interface.

The development in the field has been spectacular and it’s quite evident from the state of art AI technology being used by Tidio chat. 

The efficiency of Tidio Chat

The volume of chat handled by Tidio chat is way ahead of its competitors in the market.

The mere fact which ascertains Tidio chats ability is its capacity to handle over 2.2k messages in a week.

If we precisely look at the number of chats being handled, there were around 2238 messages in the time span of 10-01-2020 to 16-01-2020.

So that’s huge, isn’t it? Well, if you are not satisfied yet just have a glance at the reaction time which is abysmally low at 11811.43 seconds.

Now that’s something worth a praise. There is a number of service providers in the segment but the above data substantiate to prove that substance always prevails over platitudes.

And we are in some serious business and that’s the very reason we will always provide you with real-time data analytics so that you don’t have to be in the doldrums.

The utility of this technology

After providing you with real-time data to prove our efficiency, now we will focus on the utility part. Why shall you invest in technology? Just because it is a trend or your peers are using it? No, the utility is way beyond mere trends.

A smart businessman knows when to invest and where to invest. With the outreach of technology and dearth of skilled workforce Tidio chat comes into play, just for instance think of the customers who are visiting your website and they get every information just by chatting with a virtual executive.

This will not only augment the quality of your website but it will infuse a sense of reliability among the customers that if a company has deployed such technology just for making things transparent, how much it would have invested in the product.

And the transparency part is something which will help translate the visitors into customers.

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How does it work?

Tidio chat is equipped with the state of art technology and it can handle thousands of message with the inbuilt AI-enabled system.

The technology is the most updated version and the AI system attached to it is the icing on the cake.

Tidio chat comes with an automated chat flow system where we can add specific questions or FAQs in the chat-box which gives the customer a real-time human interface enabled interaction. The system is so well crafted that it can handle thousands of chat at any particular instance.

That’s game-changing for sure, just imagine the amount of money you saved on the manpower and the extent to which you have amplified your efficiency.

Now that’s something win-win which any smart businessman will understand and definitely give a shot to it.

There is an old saying in business “Money makes money” and investing in tide chat will do exactly what the age-old saying is trying to convey. 

Tidio chats efficiency comes with strong data to substantiate your investment.

Out of a total of 49461 messages exchanged between 16-01-2019 to 16-01-2020 the number of operator message is way higher than the visitor’s message.

Total visitors message stood at 22437 and the operator message at 27024. How do these numbers translate to business?

Well, lets breakdown these numbers, more the number from operators end means the system is well efficient in replying to your customers.

In other words, customers visiting your website don’t have to type much and the AI-enabled system will understand the query quickly and it will provide the best solution.

So a trial with Tidio chat can be alife-changing decision for you and your business, so don’t wait for the right time to invest, now is the time to give a shot at it while others are busy thinking about it.

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